To Namit, with love from Cherie
Calcutta Times, Times of India - July 1, 2002
Interview on my hobby of writing letters to international dignitaries around the world.

Comity tracks for amity mail
Metro, The Telegraph - February 17, 2004
That was the address on the envelope that Namit Agarwal, 19, sent by ordinary mail on November 20, 2003. Inside was a letter requesting a few words from the Pakistani leader “on peace and a message to the youth of the nation (India)”. This earned him a police inquiry — a call from Delhi, followed by a Calcutta Police sleuth at his Jodhpur Park door (who was bowled over by Namit’s “collection”). The reply from Islamabad, on February 12, more than made up for the trouble. (Read More)

Man of letters wants to script world peace
The Statesman - February 17, 2004
He could well be called a “man of letters”. Nineteen-year-old Namit Agarwal, a first-year BCom student of Bhowanipore Gujarati Education Society, has collected about 40 letters from dignitaries and heads of state from across the globe.

Namit boasts of letters from Pakistan prime minister Mr Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali, Australian premier Mr John Howard, Egyptian president Mr Hosni Mubarak, Mr Nelson Mandela as well as former Indian president Mr KR Narayanan and prime minister Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee. (Read More)

Preview of my collection - Press conference video